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FULL SET of Classic Xtreme Lashes®: $250 (150-180 minutes**) A Full Set is for new clients or for clients that have let their fill extend beyond 5 weeks.  The Full Set of Xtreme lashes® completes your look with a set of professionally applied single layer lashes customized to your eyes with various length, thickness, curvature and color to make your eyes shine!  

FULL SET of Hybrid Xtreme Lashes®:$300 (180-195 minutes) The hybrid Full set is a customized blend of single layer extensions and volumation (a technique of applying multiple lightweight extensions to one natural lash)


Full Set of Volumation Xtreme Lashes®: $350 (195-210 minutes) Volumation is the technique of safely applying multiple lightweight lash extensions to one natural lash.  A Volumation Full Set is customized to you individually.  The end results are a full, fluffy set of lash extensions.

All  Full Sets include an Xtreme Lashes® Eye Make Up Remover & Facial Cleanser 15ml ($15 value)

FULL SET of Classic Xtreme Lashes® with the Aftercare Essentials On-The-Go:  $335 (120-150 minutes**)   take your Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli lash care essentials on the road!  this kit includes travel-friendly essentials to keep lashes and eyes looking fabulous. remove makeup with a soothing aloe vera-based cleanser, define lashes with a mascara that can do it all, extend the life of extensions with a little protectant, or rejuvenate jet-lagged eyes with an under eye pick-me-up. all this and more in one kit to get you gorgeous wherever you go. (kit retail value over $140)

FULL SET of Classic Xtreme Lashes® with the Aftercare Essentials Kit:  $400 (120-150 minutes**) protect your investment and show your lashes some love! featuring essential products selected by Jo Mousselli for eyelash extension care, this exclusive kit includes everything needed to properly cleanse, protect, and maintain your eyelash extensions. also included, two award winning products: Eye Makeup Remover & Facial Cleanser and GlideLiner™Long Lasting Eye Pencil (kit retail value $234)

RELASH* Classic Xtreme Lashes®:  based on lashes remaining intact (existing clients only)

1/4 relash: starting at $75 (75 minutes**)this fill is for the existing client that still has 75% of their lash extensions still intact.

1/2 relash: starting at $100 (90 minutes**) this fill is for the client that still has half their lash extensions still intact

3/4 relash*: starting at $150 (105 minutes**) this fill is for the client that has 25% of their lash extensions intact.

7/8 relash*: starting at $195 (115 minutes**) this is for the client that has just a few lash extensions (at least 1/8) hanging on  and wants to get in before they are at the Full Set pricing.

Beyond 5 weeks relash*: $250 (less than 1/8 of your lash extensions remaining) it's time for a full set!

Inquire for hybrid and volume relash pricing

removal: $50

Corrective Services: priced per individual  it happens; that deal that seemed to good to be true...probably was.  we are here to help and get you in professionally applied lashes.

* please note that relash appointments are for existing clients only.  I no longer fill other lash stylists work. if you are moving over to me, we will schedule a removal on one day and your full set the following day (or any time 24 hours after the removal). they cannot be scheduled in the same day due to the nature of the removal process.

**every appointment time accounts for proper preparation of your natural lashes for lash extensions . we ask that you arrive to your appointment WITHOUT ANY makeup on, failure to do so will result in an extended preparation time and a reduced application fewer lashes for you in the end.  Intrikate Beauty will not cut corners in the preparation stages.*8