photo by  kari herer

photo by kari herer

If you know me, you might be scratching your head wondering how on earth this no frills, low maintenance, hippie-at-heart, crystal loving, jewelry designer ended up in the Beauty Industry...and LOVING it. Well, it all started with an obsession with eyelash extensions.  I received my first full set of Xtreme Lashes® out in Park City, Utah and I never looked back.  Luz, my lash artist set me up for only wearing the best, from the most perfectionist lash artists.  She taught me what to look for and what to avoid, it took forever to find someone local.  For years I batted gorgeous lashes, boosting my confidence and simplifying my beauty routine.  It's amazing how 13mm in length changed my whole demeanor.  I could roll out of bed feeling like a million bucks.  I never again had raccoon eyes.  I could cry without ruining my makeup--I cry a lot.  I could go underwater and come up feeling like a movie star (for real). Those 13mm gave my flirting serious some serious octane--I'm married, but that doesn't stop me from being a shameless flirt.  When I say they simplified my beauty routine, I mean simplifed--they became my beauty routine.  Sure, lashes can be super glamorous and high impact for the woman that 'does' her makeup, but they can also have a huge impact on the woman that wears little to no make up. It was amazing how one visit a month was all it took to keep me looking and feeling beautiful and 'done'.  I knew with my jewelry making background that I had the patience and dexterity to excel at lashes...and I wanted to share this beauty secret with everyone.  

So, I ventured back to school with the nudging and the support of those around me. To be completely honest, I felt like a fish out of water at first, but that feeling didn't last long.  Turns out that eyelash extensions were not all I loved learning.  I love waxing AND skincare.  Holy Moly. So, this folks is how a no frills, low maintenance, hippie-at-heart, crystal loving, jewelry designer ends up in the Beauty Industry...and LOVING every minute of it.  I am so honored and grateful to be here to simplify and beautify your life through great services and education.