What is Keratin Lash Infusion?

Keratin Lash Infusion is not your average lash lift, but rather a Keratin infusion and conditioning treatment that leaves your lashes curled, lifted, healthy and shiny. This is the only system that is a true Keratin infusion clinically proven to strengthen and rehydrate your natural lashes making them grow stronger and longer.

Who should get a Keratin Lash Infusion?

Anyone who wants healthier gorgeous lashes without the maintenance of eyelash extensions.

Are they eyelash extensions?

No, this is a service performed on your natural lashes!

Will this damage my natural lashes? I have seen horrible damage to natural lashes from lash lifts.

No, Keratin Lash Infusion will not damage your natural lash, in fact, it will rehydrate, condition and strengthen your natural lashes.

Can I wear mascara?

Yes, but hopefully you won’t want or need to! You can resume your normal routine at least 24 hours after your service.

Can I swim once I have had this done?

Yes, but not for a full 24 hours after. Your lashes need to remain clean and dry for a minimum of 24 hours after the service. That means no showers, no working out, no crying, no long walks in the rain (without an umbrella!) or anything else that would get your lashes wet.


What are eyelash extensions? 

The best thing since sliced bread...No, seriously.  Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent, synthetic eyelashes applied one by one to your natural lashes.

How long do they last?

The truth is every person is different and there are many factors that effect lash longevity.  However, most people need a fill every two to four weeks.  

How do you attach them?

I use Xtreme Lashes® brand lashes and adhesive.  The adhesive is medical grade, hypoallergenic with exceptionally low fume and odor, manufactured to ISO 13485:2003 Quality Management Standards, made in the USA at an FDA-registered facility 

I wear contacts, can I wear lash extensions?

Yes, cannot wear them to your appointment and you cannot put them in for three hours after your appointment.

How long can you make my lashes look?

That is different for each person.  I take great care to make sure I don't damage your natural lashes.  The health, length and thickness of your natural lashes will determine how long we can go with extensions.

What should I expect at my appointment?

You should plan to be reclined and relaxed, laying still with your eyes closed for 120-150 minutes.  

Can I have them on my bottom lashes?

No, I only apply lashes to the top lashes.  Extreme Lashes® has a wonderful mascara if you want to apply it to your lower lashes.

Can I swim with lash extensions?

Absolutely, but not for three hours after you have them applied.  Also be aware that lots of swimming could effect longevity.WAXING FAQ:


What is the benefit of waxing over shaving?

By removing the hair from the root (vs. at the skin's surface with shaving) you have the possibility of destroying the papilla (the hair's life source) and inturn eliminating the hair permanently.  Hair has three cysles of growth, and active growing stage or anagen phase, a transitional stage or catagen phase and a shedding phase or teleogen phase.  If you catch the hair in the transitional or shedding phase it is unlikely to destroy the papilla and the hair will grow back (It will feel softer and finer because it a new hair with a tapered tip vs. shaving that creates a blunt tip).  If you repeatedly catch the hair in the growth phase you can damage the papilla and end the cycle for that follicle. 

What kind of wax do you use?

I have multiple waxes to choose from.  I use natural hard wax that is rosin and beeswax based.  

How long does my hair have to be?

1/4-1/2-inch is ideal

How often do I need to wax?

That all depends on your own natural hair growth cycle, but most people need to wax every 4-6 weeks.  

What should I expect after my first waxing?

It depends on what part of your body we will be may be red and slightly tender (we are pulling hair from the follicle).  I use high frequency to kill bacteria and calm inflammation after most of my waxing.

Can I wax during my time of the month?

Absolutely, just be aware that you may experience a heighted level of pain as some report increased sensitivity...if you choose to wax during that time we require you to come in squeaky clean and with a fresh tampon (string tucked completely away as not to get caught in wax)

Why do I have to tell you my medications? That's really personal information....

I completely understand that it is personal information, but some medications effect the skin in ways that could cause permanent damage to your skin if I am not aware you are using them.  I need to know so that I can keep you and your skin safe.  I will never discuss your personal information with anyone except you.

What is the difference between a bikini and a brazilian?

A bikini is the hair you would see outside of your bathing suit or underwear lines.  A brazilian is removal of all hair in the genital area(you can choose to leave as much or as little on the pubic bone as you would like) including hair on and around the labia, perineum and anus.


Skincare FAQ:

What line of Skincare do you use?

A fabulous professional line called Lira.  Lira's products are paraben and polyethylene-free and combine exclusive plant-derived stem cell technology with age-defying peptides and healing minerals to acheive youthful-looking, healthy skin

Why do I have to tell you my medications? That's really personal information....

Well, because certain medications effect the skin in ways that are not always compatible with facials.  I need to know so that nothing is done that could permanently damage your skin.

What are the benefits of a professional facial?

There are many benefits of a professional facial that go far beyond the deeply relaxing  experience.  As a professional I can listen to your concerns and help come up with solutions for your unique skin type.  Every full facial includes customized cleansing, exfoliation, extraction (if necessary and appropriate) a customized treatment mask, a facial massage (if appropriate for your skin) and moisturizing with sun protection. Your skin is your largest organ.  I can help you get it to optimal health.

I have something weird going on with my skin, can you give me a facial and a diagnosis?

That depends on what you have going on.  If it is out of my scope of practice I can give you the name of a great dermatologist.