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Well, yes they can..if the proper length and diameter extensions are not chosen and applied properly, damage can be done. If you think about waxing, you wax to hopefully damage the blood supply to the hair and essentially kill that hair follicle.  While waxing, your goal is to remove the hair in the active stage of hair growth (the anagen phase) while it is attached to the papilla--the blood source.  If lash extensions are applied that are too heavy for the natural lash, you run the risk of prematurely removing the the anagen phase and harming the follicle...and risking it's future and the future of any eyelash in that location.  

That said,  a **properly trained** lash artist will only apply extensions that are suited for your natural lashes.  Super long and super thick extensions should only be applied to  naturally long and thick lashes.  Sure, for a special event you can be a little bolder, but long term wear should be realistic and suited to your natural lashes.  Unless your artist is trained in volume lashes, you should never have more than one extension applied to one natural lash.  You should also never have more than one natural lash attached to an extension, it can be very uncomfortable and cause damage as well.  You should expect proper aftercare training.  If not properly cared for you can end up with an infection!  With proper length and diameter selection and aftercare, you can wear gorgeous lash extensions continuously for many years...without doing harm to your natural lashes.  

**Don't be shy! Ask what training your lash artist has had.  Look for someone with a hands-on training from a reputable company.  In the state of Maine you must hold a valid cosmetologist's or aesthetician's license, in other states the laws are different.  Ask how old the adhesive they are using is.  Ask if the adhesive is made in the USA...this is going around your eyes, do not hesitate to ask the questions.  Make sure the tools they are using are sanitized properly. An artist doing things the proper way will have no problem sharing all of this information with you.  Education is so important.  Lash on! (that is my new way of saying rock on)